‘The Security Specialists’ offer a specialist surveillance deployment where, a particular activity is occurring and, to gather the relevant evidence or information an element of camouflage is required for our concealment. This type of deployment is generally managed in countryside rural locations, where the nature of the environment requires our observations to be maintained in a specific manner.

An example of this might be where a farm or other similar premises set in an isolated rural location needs to be observed. To be in a position to successfully watch a location of this nature an operative would need to be camouflaged in order to remain undetected. This would require monitoring from a specially built hide, which would blend into the rural environment where they can remain for a considerable amount of time undetected gaining valuable information and recording any activity by video or still imagery during night or day time.

‘The Security Specialists’ offer Rural Surveillance services to counter;

  • Burglary or Theft from rural properties and outbuildings
  • Poaching
  • Fly Tipping
  • Environmental Crime
  • Crimes Against Animals and Wildlife
  • Theft of Livestock
  • Theft of Plant or Diesel