security specialists counter surveillance‘The Security Specialists’ carry out Counter Surveillance wherever we operate and in all areas and environments. This can include technical counter measures and devices as circumstances dictate. These are a readily available option, using the most up to date technology.

The Threat:

The ever increasing availability of audio and video bugs available on the market from high street shops and the internet make it relatively easy for someone to spy on you and see and hear what you are doing in your own home or business. Costing less than £100 and easily monitored via a phone app they can cause significant personal and financial damage to you or your business!

How does it work?

A Hardwire bug or transmitter is a listening device that is attached to your phone or phone line. It’s generally powered by the line or the phone itself, These are often hard to detect as they generally only transmit when a call is in operation. A hard wire transmitter can be placed on the phone, line, or central telephone system. The transmitter can even be placed on your line outside of the building, or down the street at the junction box.

Portable devices can also be attached to your laptop, mobile phone, vehicle and even clothing meaning you can be monitored wherever you go at all times of the day and night.

How can we help?

Our operators will conduct a two part search; looking for Hardwire, Radio Frequency, and laser / Infrared bugs. The two part search will consist firstly of a physical search, where we will inspect electronic equipment and suspect areas for known devices and then for the second part we will carry out an electronic RF spectrum and audio search using our counter surveillance equipment. Our operators will search all possible areas including telephones and phone lines both inside and outside the property.