Secutiry Chaperone ServicesIn these uncertain times and with the up-surge in the use of acidic substances as a weapon of choice in violent crime, the snatch and grab tactics of established “moped gangs” and the ongoing threat from terrorism and extremism, ‘The Security Specialists’ has recognised the need for a more discreet and less intrusive service than that provided by more traditional Close Protection options.

Whether you, your loved ones or friends are on a night out, at a major event, shopping or sightseeing in an unfamiliar city our SIA licensed and experienced chaperones offer a cost effective and unobtrusive service working as a “watchful big brother” able to step in and assist when needed, but fade into the background when not.

With access to the same supplementary options as our full Close Protection services and equipped to deal with any and all eventualities ‘The Security Specialists’ Chaperone service offers a first class security option at a fraction of the cost.